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Our criminal defence lawyers defend all criminal drug cases ranging from possession of marijuana, drug trafficking, conspiracy and importation cases involving Part VI Authorizations (wire-tap). Some cases may result in an efficient and speedy resolution, while others require the imposition of a criminal trial. The penalties for these types of cases can be anywhere from a referral to the Adult Alternative Measures Program (AMP), a short term of probation resulting in a conditional discharge to several years in prison for higher level drug possession and trafficking cases.

Drug possession

Drug trafficking

Production of drugs

Drug importation

Federal Public Prosecution Service

The Federal Public Prosecution Service throughout Canada (Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto), adopts a very serious approach to their files and the alleged crimes they are prosecuting. The stakes are high. The entry of a criminal conviction for drug trafficking crime, one may face a lengthy jail term at a Federal institution in Alberta (Bowden, Drumheller, Grand Cache etc). In fact, the Alberta Court of Appeal, in certain cases, have suggested “starting points” ranging between 3 to 4 years in jail.

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Our office, however, has been successful in securing acquittals (not guilty verdicts); and avoiding the prospects of actual jail terms by successfully securing Conditional Sentence Orders (“CSO”).

Moreover, consequences that flow from a conviction may affect other aspects of your life. An employer or potential employer who runs a criminal record check on you through a law enforcement agency or from an online website will find out about it and make unfair judgments about you which could result in you not getting the job you seek or getting turned down for the job you want.Even if you are facing a relatively minor fine for marijuana or cocaine possession or a minimum jail sentence, it is important to realize that a drug conviction can have unexpected consequences. It can affect where you work, where you live and where you are allowed to travel.

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Drug-related cases

Our office is well-versed in handling drug-related cases. We have defended cases ranging from production of marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, trafficking in all types of substances including heroine and prescription medications, importation charges, and in more complex cases, large scale conspiracies. We have often been retained on proceeds cases, including seizures of large sums of money that are alleged to have been obtained by drug trafficking.

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Many of these cases involve additional charges regarding possession of weapons. A detailed approach to defending these cases is vital to achieving any success for clients.The reality is that drug charges demand the attention of experienced and effective legal counsel with the tools and resources to build a creative and sophisticated defence.We are tireless advocates for our clients, and meticulous in the preparation of cases for trial. We have the resources and the successful record to take on any drug case. We have maintained carriage of drug-related cases, including those involving:

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Drug arrest

We aim relentlessly to uncover the details behind any drug arrest – from investigation and locating witnesses, to interviewing witnesses and developing effective Charter and Constitutional challenges to arrests, searches, and possession issues. Our experience has taught us that an aggressive approach is necessary for the successful defence of a drug-related charge. We will defend your charges utilizing our knowledge of the law, while protecting and preserving all your rights.

Drug offense

Before you even think of pleading guilty to any type of drug offense, contact our firm first. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers and have represented a large number of people in drug trafficking offenses and drug possession offenses. Selecting a criminal defence lawyer with the relevant drug experience may be integrally tied to a successful outcome in your case. Mr. Patel has worked successfully on numerous drugs cases in Alberta and Ontario.

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and prior to that has worked with Crown Prosecutors office and successfully undertaken courses with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Search Warrants and other related matters. This specialized knowledge has proven to be useful in securing not guilty verdicts in Mr. Patel’s drug crime cases.

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Please contact the Law Offices of Kay Patel Mahoney Chow as soon as possible so we can discuss the facts of your case. Call: 403-585-1960 or 1-888-695-2211.

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