Trial Date.

Published On: Oct 17,2016

Based on the above, it is apparent that the a number of processes unfold prior to getting to the trial date. A trial usually occurs several months (sometimes even a year or longer) after the offence was alleged to have occurred.

At trial, the Crown attorney will lead evidence from witnesses and other sources to demonstrate that you are guilty of the offences before the court. Your defence lawyer will have an opportunity to cross examaine any witness called by the Crown. Once the Crown believes they have established proof of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, they will rest their case. At this point, you may chose to testify or call evidence on your own behalf to challenge the Crown’s case.

One of the reasons why you ought to hire a lawyer at the inception of your charges is to ensure you’re properly represented at various stages of the criminal court process to ensure that your best interests are protected. Hiring a lawyer from the outset, will assist in formulating a winning strategy and a positive outcome in your case regardless of whether or not it your case goes to trial.

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